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Plug & Play Installation

NEMA 4X Enclosure

Class 1, Div 2 Certified

Flame Smart Ei

The Flame Smart Ei

Intuitive. Capable. Complete.

While many burner management systems overcomplicate controls and add unnecessary features that are prone to failure, the Flame Smart Ei has simplified flare and combustor burner management.

The Ei is equipped with all of the necessary features and capabilities for effective flare operation. Requiring no set-point adjustments, the Ei detects and maintains flames with complementary FSL and FS-1S ignition components. One-button startup and consistent performance make the Ei ideal for use with flares and combustors of any shape, size and specifications.


The Ei ignites and maintains flare gas. Flares are monitored and relit automatically and incorporate Flame Smart’s innovative Igniter Technology to guarantee consistent and dependable ignition.

  • Actuator Valve Control
  • Deep Cycle Battery
  • Complete Pilot Maintainer
  • Energy-Efficient Design and Function
  • Solar Panel Ready with Built-In Charge Regulator


  • Solenoid Valve
  • FS Ignition Unit
  • Actuator or Slow-Flow Valve
  • Standby Pressure Switches
  • Extended re-light capabilities provide more opportunities for fuel gas ignition
  • Remote ON/OFF
  • Vivid LED Display Screen
  • LED Indicator Lights
  • Audible Ignition Alarm (120 dB)
  • Shutdowns
  • Standbys
  • Ignition Failure
  • Flame Failure
  • Flame Sensor Failure
  • Igniter Failure
  • System ON/OFF
  • Battery Voltage
  • Status Code
  • Flame Strength
  • Audible Ignition Indicator
  • Run Status
  • Alarm Output
  • Two Standby Interlocks
  • Two Shutdown Interlocks
  • Remote ON/OFF

Operating Specifications

  • Voltage: 11-15 volts DC
  • Solar Panel Voltage: 12 volts DC
  • Solar Panel Current: 8 amps Maximum
  • Igniter Voltage: 13-14 volts DC adjustable
  • Igniter Amps: 6.5 Amps inrush, 2.0 amps nominal (during ignition only)
  • System Current Draw: 0.6 amps average (varies with application)
  • Ambient Temperature: -40 / +130ºF (hardware only)

Product Specifications

  • Polycarbonate NEMA 4X, IP66 Enclosure
  • UL Listed
  • UV Resistant keypad
  • Corrosion-resistant display
  • Explosion-proof solenoid valve engineered for demanding environments or hazardous locations: 12 VDC, .55 Watt, 120 psig
  • FS Ignition: Igniter and flame sensor